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Some major elements of a miserable life

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Life can be messy; sometimes. We are not sure which path to choose. Although, we are always told to take some time, and reflect on ourselves, goals and what we want to do. And one of the things we always aspire for is being happy; though some of us instead of doing what would make us happy we do the opposite. So, today I want to tackle the topic in reverse: How can we make our lives a misery.

1- Be a people-pleaser

Try to please everyone around you. This way you make sure; they are happy and pleased with you, although it may cause you, to sacrifice your own happiness.

2- Be envious and hater

The main secret of a miserable life is to be negatively jealous of those you know. And hate them for what they have. Don’t try to work hard and be successful like them. Just envy and hate so that you transfer this power to their lives.

3-Why would you admit your mistakes

Always make excuses; your family didn’t help you, the job sucks, people are not helpful …etc. Never blame yourself nothing wrong with you, just the world is crazy.

4-Don’t change and expect different results

Well, you know the meaning of insanity; do the same thing and expect different results. Yes plausible for instance squeeze a lemon and you will certainly get pineapple juice.


Why carry on, if you are NOT enjoying

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In America

I am not an easy quiter. However,  yesterday I read an article about somebody who was like me and , then one day, came to a realization that there are plenty of books out there; waiting to be read. They are begging to be taken from the shelve, dusted out and be enjoyed. So,  instead of feeling stuck in the page 60 chapter 2. I decided it is meaningless to carry on something I’m not enjoying; just for the sake of finishing it.