Time to see what is INSIDE.

Publié: 26 août 2015 dans Non classé

I chose sadness
In my dark, gloomy room. The right atmosphere to set my mood in order to bring the past and blow life into it then, mixing it with my current distresses. This is how I spend my free time since I moved into my flat. Facing my self every now and then. And trying to understand it . It is a journey that I decided to go through.
Friday last was my sister’s birthday an occasion normally that would bring happiness and joy to everyone in my family; When we gather in her house .But… this time everything has changed .
Instead of going to her party, dancing, laughing and changing the air. I longed for isolation sitting on my sofa alone and feeling deeply in my heart bitterness of solitude my mind did not stop thinking about any possible mean to get rid of these helpless, pessimistic and depressed thoughts. It was the most natural solution to think either of drinking myself to oblivion or committing suicide; a permanent resolution to bring peace to my soul.
I always fancied the idea of going to the farthest part possible into my soul where masks do not exist . The moment of revelation from within I could hear the woes of my soul how tormented, depressed it is.that it cannot take it anymore. My fragile soul was bearing mountains of suffering that Heracles would not bear himself.


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