Animal’s exploitation DO you agree ?

Publié: 2 août 2015 dans Non classé

It is widely argued whether animals should be treated on equal footing with humans or they are meant to be exploited, made research on and used for food. in this respect; people split into two main categories those who believe in animals rights of a normal life. And those who support employing animals to humans needs.

The proponent for this latter view claims that man is the center of the universe and; therefore, animal’s sole reason for existence is to serve humans. Animals must satisfy humans various needs from food supplement to research. And science would not have developed without experimenting on animals. In addition, animal’s testing prevents researchers from testing on individuals which in many cases would lead to death. Furthermore, these creatures are excellent food supplies to a balanced human life. It provides proteins and other critical components for the wellbeing of humans.

However, organizations, doctors, and some researchers hold a totally opposite view. They believe that testing on animals does not provide sufficient help for the development of science because humans are different from animals; moreover,  animals suffer a great deal for no good reason and in various cases animals suffer a lifelong disfiguration and most importantly the majority of experiments are make-up research  related. This is not one of human basic needs. And lastly, humans can take their food supplement from other sources for instance: Indians are vegans and therefore, people can learn from them; they have survived without killing animals for their food

The topic is far from coming to an end.  Holders of both views have enough evidence each. It is tough to decide which is right and morally justified. While I am against testing on animals when the result is known or useless; I cannot help taking meat out of my diet.


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