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Strong desire wise action

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« The Adventure Of Tom Sawyer»

« Strong desire wise action »

by Mark Twain

The story is about a small boy living with his aunt. Tom is a naughty boy who does not like school or work. One day he was ordered to paint the fence of their house; this last was huge and the sun shining in the blue sky. Tempted and his peers pass by playing in the street; he could not help but be jealous. Tom is a clever boy; he made them feel that it is a pleasant thing to do. And as a result he enjoyed his summer’s day, getting his work done by his friends and on top of that he was paid to let them do the work.

Bottom line: One of humans law is that anyone would desire something if it is not easy to get.


Time to see what is INSIDE.

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I chose sadness
In my dark, gloomy room. The right atmosphere to set my mood in order to bring the past and blow life into it then, mixing it with my current distresses. This is how I spend my free time since I moved into my flat. Facing my self every now and then. And trying to understand it . It is a journey that I decided to go through.
Friday last was my sister’s birthday an occasion normally that would bring happiness and joy to everyone in my family; When we gather in her house .But… this time everything has changed .
Instead of going to her party, dancing, laughing and changing the air. I longed for isolation sitting on my sofa alone and feeling deeply in my heart bitterness of solitude my mind did not stop thinking about any possible mean to get rid of these helpless, pessimistic and depressed thoughts. It was the most natural solution to think either of drinking myself to oblivion or committing suicide; a permanent resolution to bring peace to my soul.
I always fancied the idea of going to the farthest part possible into my soul where masks do not exist . The moment of revelation from within I could hear the woes of my soul how tormented, depressed it is.that it cannot take it anymore. My fragile soul was bearing mountains of suffering that Heracles would not bear himself.

It is widely argued whether animals should be treated on equal footing with humans or they are meant to be exploited, made research on and used for food. in this respect; people split into two main categories those who believe in animals rights of a normal life. And those who support employing animals to humans needs.

The proponent for this latter view claims that man is the center of the universe and; therefore, animal’s sole reason for existence is to serve humans. Animals must satisfy humans various needs from food supplement to research. And science would not have developed without experimenting on animals. In addition, animal’s testing prevents researchers from testing on individuals which in many cases would lead to death. Furthermore, these creatures are excellent food supplies to a balanced human life. It provides proteins and other critical components for the wellbeing of humans.

However, organizations, doctors, and some researchers hold a totally opposite view. They believe that testing on animals does not provide sufficient help for the development of science because humans are different from animals; moreover,  animals suffer a great deal for no good reason and in various cases animals suffer a lifelong disfiguration and most importantly the majority of experiments are make-up research  related. This is not one of human basic needs. And lastly, humans can take their food supplement from other sources for instance: Indians are vegans and therefore, people can learn from them; they have survived without killing animals for their food

The topic is far from coming to an end.  Holders of both views have enough evidence each. It is tough to decide which is right and morally justified. While I am against testing on animals when the result is known or useless; I cannot help taking meat out of my diet.